Our t-shirts are printed using a process called Direct To Garment (DTG) printing.  As the name suggests, a special digital printer prints our unique designs directly onto a t-shirt for your pleasure.

When printing white shirts the printer will print only coloured ink made up of the four universal primary printing colours, called (CMYK) which describes the different colours. 

  • (C)Cyan
  • (M)Magenta
  • (Y)Yellow
  • (K)Keyline Black

This is similar to your home inkjet printer but the inks we use are specially made for printing onto fabrics.  This method allows the printer to print an amazing range of colours.

When printing onto dark colours or black t-shirts, the printer will first put a white underbase so that the coloured inks (CMYK) can be printed on top. If we dont do this the coloured inks will get lost in the dark fibres of the shirt and wont be visable.